Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Emergency Preparedness Plan  (shorthand designation "EPP") is maintained by the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) with the assistance of Palo Alto PTA.   This document contains the actual response plan for the district office at 25 Churchill Avenue, as well as specifications and advice for preparedness planning and maintenance at each school site;  common forms, and reference information for the district as a whole.

This plan is based on the following assumptions:

Here's the outline of  the August, 2003 Draft of the PAUSD Emergency Preparedness Plan:

  Section 1.0 This Document
      1.1 In an Emergency
      1.2 About this Plan
      1.3 A Note to Readers
  Section 2.0 Emergency Response    
      2.1 District Office Response
      2.2 School Site Response
      2.3 On-Site Childcare
      2.4 Summer Sessions
  Section 3.0 Emergency Preparedness    
      3.1 Authority for Preparedness Planning
      3.2 Preparedness Responsibilities by Job Position/Role
      3.3 District Preparedness Plan Requirements
      3.4 Site Emergency Plan Requirements
      3.5 Emergency Action Plans
      3.6 The Incident Command System (ICS)
      3.7 The Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)
  Section 4.0 Maintaining Preparedness    
      4.1  Introduction
      4.2 Preparedness Maintenance Schedule
      4.3 Checklists
      4.4 Surveys
      4.5 Inventories
      4.6 Drills
      4.7 Exercises
      4.8 Suggested Activities
  Section  5.0 Statutory Authority for Preparedness    
      5.1 Federal Statutes
      5.2 California Statutes
      5.3 County and City Statutes
      5.4 School District Policies
  Appendix 1 Forms    
  Appendix 2 Communications Reference    

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 Emergency Preparedness Plan
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