Checking Backpacks

Checking Backpacks

Each elementary school classroom contains a first aid backpack, usually red and marked with a red cross.  These "Red Backpacks" are intended to be immediately accessible in case of an emergency.   The backpack also accompanies the class on field trips.

Backpacks contain emergency supplies, emergency I.D. cards ("yellow cards") with badge holders (plastic bags with yarn), and supplementary items, usually small morale-builders such as playing cards, markers, or chewing gum.

When handling the backpacks, even if you are not checking the yellow cards, keep in mind that these cards may contain sensitive information.  Handle with respect and in strict confidentiality.

You'll need a current backpack inventory sheet, one copy for each backpack you inspect.   Your principal will supply this to you, or you can download it at the bottom of this page. 

Ordinarily, you'll find that backpack contents are complete and intact, less some consumable supplies like small bandages, and minus some items due to plain wear-and-tear.   You may be able draw replacements from the general emergency supplies or, if there is no surplus there, give your principal a list of replenishment supplies required.  Ask your principal to let you know when the replacement supplies have arrived, and arrange to distribute them to the backpacks promptly.  At this point you can check off deficiencies you previously marked on the inventory sheets.

Inform your principal immediately if you find any unusual condition, or if you can't find a backpack where one is supposed to be.

Here's a checklist:

Getting Connected



Standard Contents


Overall -- Final -- Follow-up



Aren't the backpacks simply part of the emergency supplies, just stored in classrooms instead of the cargo container?

Yes.  But it simplifies your job to think of them as independent.   In practice, that's the way it works -- you'll probably work with the backpacks or the cargo container (or other storage), but not both at the same time.


Shouldn't we avoid replenishing backpacks from the main supplies in the cargo containers?

In practice, most of the items that need replenishing are minor first aid items, like small bandages and these can be drawn from the cargo container as long as there's a surplus there.  Usually, there is.  If not, ask the principal to order more and replenish both the backpacks and the container surplus.

Can there be too many "optional items"?

Yes, if the red backpack becomes overstuffed.   On the other hand, these items are invaluable for relieving boredom during drills or as distractions and comfort items during a real emergency.  It might be a good idea to use a second bag for optional items and solicit contributions from parents, especially in support of younger children.   

Are the red backpack contents sufficient?

The current redback inventory represents a compromise solution to a difficult problem.   Teachers who don't have advanced first-aid training may benefit from more extensive supplies.   A heavier or bulkier backpack will be more difficult to store accessibly -- and will be left behind more often.    Cost is a big issue, both to initially equip and to maintain.



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