Crisis Response Manual

The Crisis Response Manual  (shorthand designation "CRM") is maintained by the Palo Alto Unified School District (PAUSD) with the assistance of psychologists, law enforcement, and expert consultants.

Many crisis situations require law enforcement intervention and so the incident site becomes a crime scene.  In most cases, special care of personal privacy is warranted.  As a result,  Crisis Response procedures are not available to the public, and are described here only in general terms.

The August, 2003 Crisis Response Manual includes the following material:

   Section Title
  I Phases of Crisis Response
  II Activating Crisis Response Team
  III Specific Crisis Information
  IV Administrator Resources
  V Counseling Resources
  VI Teacher Resources
  VII Parent Resources
  VIII Sample Announcements and Resources
  IX Forms
  X Acknowledgements

Section III includes information on:

School Safety